Kertomuksia Keittiöstä, 2011

Kertomuksia keittiöstä (The Tales from the Kitchen) – was a play built around the songs by Maija Kaunismaa, who also performed this play by herself. The lyrics were written by Finnish author Sofi Oksanen. The play was produced by Finnish National Theatre and it ran from August 2011 to May 2012.
I was responsible for set design and video projections. Many of the digital drawings were made live with an iPad in syncronization with the performer.

Author: Sofi Oksanen, Director: Titta Halinen, Composer and Performer: Maija Kaunismaa, Set Design, Videos and Drawings: Mikko Ijäs, Costumes: Tiina Kaukanen, Sound and Light Design: Ilkka Riihikallio, Makeup and Hair: Laura Sgureva
Premiere: at Studio Omapohja, Finnish National Theatre on September 1. 2011.

Listen to Maija Kaunismaa’s album on Spotify:

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