When the Doves Disappeared, 2016

In 2013 I was involved making drawings, films, animations and photograps for the stage adaptation of the “When the Doves Disappeared” a novel by Sofi Oksanen. It is a story of occupation, resistance, and collaboration in Estonia during and after World War II.
The collection of large charcoal drawings that were used for animation videos now belogn to the collections of the Finnish Theatre Museum.

Director Raila Leppäkoski; composer Maija Kaunismaa; set and costume designer Karmo Mende; drawings, photos and videos Mikko Ijäs. Musicians Maija Kaunismaa, Sara Puljula, Tommi Asplund, Juha Kuoppala, Zarkus Poussa.
Premiere on the main stage of the Finnish National Theatre 27, Nov. 2013.

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